Benjamin is a Russian born artist based in New York City. His work services both private collectors and exhibiting galleries.

Most recent exhibition

The Royal Academy of Art 2017 Summer Exhibition


I grew up melting crayons over candle flames to make wax paintings and wielding wands with imaginary magical powers. Living in this perpetual state of boundless childlike wonder is difficult to sustain. I believe we grow up desperate to escape the confines of self awareness that capture us in early adulthood. This battle back to the limitless child self — the one who didn’t doubt, who didn’t chaperone him or herself — is often only won in old age. I don’t want to look back on life and realize I've let the question of who I will become get in the way of being present.

I draw to understand humanity’s unease with the unknown, our fear of the future, our reluctance to trust, and our need for faith — spiritual or religious. When I draw, I start with the familiar — my current aesthetic, my current technical ability, my current desires and my fears — yet only when I leave these familiarities behind, when it feels as though I am no longer there, do I create at my best. This wondrous lack of self awareness is what I chase. I hope to create art that inspires others to liberate themselves, to venture into the unknown with the comfort and charm of child at play.